Wednesday July 30, 2014

A Party At Fremont Garden

The Coolest Corner in the City

If you were at the corner of Fremont andFreylinghausen between 12:00 and 3:00 it wouldn’t have been hard to imagine yourself at an outing in the Treme district of New Orleans or a block party in Brooklyn. The sounds of Pogo Rey and The Blue Haze cranking out blues classics from Congo Square to Wang Dang Doddle from their impromptu set up on the porch of an abandoned house, to the barbeque pulled pork and coleslaw care of The Arcadian Brewery, to the rich mix of neighbors of all ages grooving to the sounds while planting, raking, and painting the new art wall at the Fremont Garden on the corner. What you could be sure of was that you were in the absolute coolest place in Battle Creek, that day and many before and to come.

The day was put together by The Fremont Tomato Heads, under the leadership of the local community activism of John Wright ostensibly to have the garden’s new fence converted into an “art wall” by local artists of all age. A group of young adults from The Mylestone Project had agreed to support the effort and flyers were circulated in the surrounding neighborhoods; but nobody knew what to expect. A crowd of about 20 divided itself between working in the garden and painting the art wall when Pogo Rey and the boys just showed up, commandeered the aforementioned porch, and using electricity provided by extension from a neighbor’s, started laying down the perfect vibe for a springtime day in a community garden.

For more pictures of this event, and information about community gardening and related events, go to You’ll want to be there next time it happens!

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